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February 12, 2013
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I figure I show my own version of next generation of Sonic/MLP x-over. This is what I came up with. Now let’s give them all an each brief bio. NOTE: Yes, they look like ponies despite what I put in their species. But ya know…

Lightning Turbo
Family: Sonic (father), Rainbow Dash (mother), and Morning Dew (younger sister)
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Eyes: Purple
Colors: Blue body and green and dark blue mane and tail
Species: Half Pegasus/Half Hedgehog (yeah ya heard me right.)
Personality: Considered a little brash and cocky, but a gentleman all the same.
Bio: Lightning Turbo or just Turbo by his friends and family, is considered probably the next fastest thing alive just like his parents. Because of this, he tends to show off and likes to push himself to be the best. He is the leader of his group of friends and has a good head on his shoulders. He also hardly gets angry and tends to keep a cool head no matter what. He is also the most patient out of all of his friends but he tends to poke fun at Hard Rock, even though the two are like brothers. He also has a crush on Rosebud.

Morning Dew
Family: Sonic (father), Rainbow Dash (mother), and Lightning Turbo (older brother)
Gender: Female
Age: 7
Eyes: Green
Colors: Blue with rainbow mane and tail. (note: where it should be red it is pink.)
Species: Half Pegasus/Half Hedgehog
Personality: Considered sweet and always helpful, but has a quick temper.
Bio: Morning Dew is the younger daughter of Sonic and Rainbow Dash. She is the third youngest of her four friends. She is always looking up to Lightning Turbo and tends to call him Turby which annoys him a lot. She can fly for a little bit and tries to dash as fast as she can. She and Twirly are like sisters and she seems to like Starswirl.

Family: Shadow (father), Twilight Sparkle (mother), and Starswirl (younger brother)
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Eyes: Red
Colors: dark blue with black and pink mane and tail
Species: Half Unicorn/Half Hedgehog
Personality: She is a little perky and a little naïve, but she is quiet.
Bio: Maria is the elder daughter of Shadow and Twilight. She was named after the close friend Shadow once had on the Space Colony Ark. And she is true to her name for she is very gentle and kind. She always wants to help and protect her friends. She is also a powerful spell wielder and can use Chaos Emeralds to use Chaos power like her father but likes to use her magic more. She is also level headed and remains calm no matter what the situation. She and Turbo are considered like brother and sister. She may have a liking for Hard Rock.

Family: Shadow (father), Twilight Sparkle (mother), and Maria (Older sister)
Gender: Male
Age: 8
Eyes: Blue
Colors: Red body with blue and black mane and tail
Species: Half Unicorn/Half Hedgehog
Personality: He is just like his father; determined, sarcastic, and seems emotionless. However he gets scared easily and loves his friends and family.
Bio: Starswirl is named after the unicorn Twilight had always loved the most in her history. Like his older sister, Starswirl is good at magic but he is better at Chaos powers than Maria. He is friends with Morning Dew, Twirly, and Applebucky but he would rather be alone sometimes. He likes to hang with his father and learn how to use the Chaos Emeralds. He looks up to Maria and loves her very much. Despite him usually trying to be calm, he can easily overact and tend to panic. He seems to have a crush on Morning Dew despite the arguments the two get into.

Family: Tails (father), Fluttershy (mother), and Twirly (younger sister)
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Eyes: Light blue
Colors: Light pink body with dark yellow mane and tail
Species: Half Pegasus/Half Fox
Personality: She is considered gentle but a little impatient. She also tends to get frightened easily.
Bio: Rosebud is the elder daughter of Tails and Fluttershy. She is kind and gentle but if things don’t go so well, she can panic easily. She tries to be brave however and looks up to Turbo to help her with that. She and Turbo are usually seen flying together and there may be hints the two have a crush on each other. She also loves to hang out with Maria and Elegant Jewel. She tries to look after her younger sister Twirly. She also loves animals and plants.

Family: Tails (father), Fluttershy (mother), and Rosebud (older sister)
Gender: Female
Age: 6
Eyes: Green
Colors: Pastel pink body with bright yellow mane and tail
Species: Half Pegasus/Half Fox
Personality: She is quiet and doesn’t say a lot. She is also shy and tries to keep to herself.
Bio: Twirly is considered the quietest thing you will ever meet. She is shy like her mother but will open more if someone speaks to her directly. She also has a high IQ and tries to help her father when he builds things. She also tries to build things herself too. She also likes to spend time with Morning Dew, Starswirl, and Applebucky. She and Dew are like sisters. She is also more brave then Rosebud. It’s rather unknown if she likes Applebucky the same way he likes her.

Hard Rock
Family: Knuckles (father), Applejack (mother), and Applebucky (younger brother)
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Eyes: Dark green
Colors: Dark orange with red mane and tail
Species: Half Pony/Half Echidna
Personality: Stubborn to the core and seems to have a short temper like his father, but means well.
Bio: Hard Rock is the oldest out of his friends and by far the strongest. Not only did he inherit his power strength from his parents, but he spends his time applebucking and lifting weights to keep in shape and to keep his strength up. Despite his stubbornness and short temper, Hard Rock is considered a gentle guy. He tries to keep his temper in check but usually fails, especially when Turbo tries to poke fun at him. Hard Rock also looks out for his younger brother and is always there for his friends if they should need him. He seems to have a crush on Maria.

Family: Knuckles (father), Applejack (mother), and Hard Rock (older brother)
Gender: Male
Age: 9
Eyes: Bluish Purple
Colors: Dark yellow body with orange mane and tail
Species: Half Pony/Half Echidna
Personality: Unlike Hard Rock, he is usually more patient and tries to think of ways to solve things
Bio: Applebucky is the oldest of his four friends. Despite of Morning Dew being the leader, he tends to think of ideas on what to do. He also tries to applebuck with Hard Rock to get as big and strong like him. He also looks up to Turbo and Radical Pop. Applebucky has a huge crush on Twirly and is considered open about it. He also loves to bake with his mom and help his father with the Master Emerald.

Elegant Jewel
Family: Silver (father) and Rarity (mother)
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Eyes: Orange
Colors: Light violet body with pink and silver mane and tail
Species: Half Unicorn/Half Hedgehog
Personality: Much like her mother when it comes to being polite, but naïve and childlike like her father.
Bio: Elegant is true to her name. She is beautiful like her mother and is also polite and generous like Rarity. However, Elegant can tend to act childish and is a little slow. Not to mention she isn’t afraid to get dirty when she has to. Elegant is great at performing spells and can even levitate herself around. She and Maria are usually seen practicing spells together. She also likes to do her girlfriend’s hairs as well. Elegant also has a crush on Radical Pop despite Rarity’s concerns that Radical may be too much for her.

Radical Pop
Family: Manic (father) and Pinkie Pie (mother)
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Eyes: Blue
Colors: Light green body with gray pink and dark green mane and tail
Species: Half Pony/Half Hedgehog
Personality: He is very upbeat and not afraid to have fun. He also tries to be optimistic but is considered one cool dude.
Bio: Radical Pop is the only child of Manic and Pinkie Pie. Like his mom, he loves to party and have fun. He also wants his friends to smile as well. But he tries to be cool in what he does. He loves to rock out as well, hence his talent being a guitar player. He tries to keep the heat between Turbo and Hard Rock down. Radical is also only cousin to Turbo and Dew since Sonic and Manic are brothers. Radical also has a crush on Elegant and he tends to make love songs for her. Despite this, he is a little shy to perform them for her.

That is all of them. Whew, that was a bit long. But I tried to make them all unique in their own way. To be honest, drawing this sketch was good practice to keep drawing ponies. I will be coloring this, do not worry. You will get to see them in full color. ^^ I hope you like the kids I came up with. (: And that is all I am going to be posting! Peace out!

Sonic crew © Sega
MLP crew © Lauren Faust
Characters and sketch © me! PLEASE DO NOT STEAL.
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