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My Pairings List

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 23, 2014, 8:33 PM

Please note that I don’t want anyone taking any offense to my pairings list. These are just pairings that I love, neutral, and hate. Also, please do not tell me: “I don’t ship this because blah blah, but okay.” Because honestly, I really don’t wanna hear it. I find it rude and I will say so if I find a comment that tells me. Anyway, moving on…


:heart: Pairings I LOVE: :heart:


    1)      Jackunzel – (Jack Frost/Rapunzel) Ever since I found this pairing, I honestly fell in love with it. Regardless of Rapunzel being with Eugene and Jack being with Tooth, I think these two work much better. It’s not cliché and I can totally see them in a relationship. I can see Jack always being there and helping Rapunzel get out of the tower and showing her the world. And he would understand her child like ways since he can act like a kid himself. And there are so MANY stories you can come up with these two. They are fun to write and I love reading good stories about them. This will always be my OTP forever.

    2)      Delsa – (Danny Phantom/Queen Elsa) Interesting enough, this pairing came to me by accident. Someone mentioned Danny and Jack fighting each other for Elsa and I laughed it off. But…as I looked into it, I found a spark. Granted Danny is 14 and Elsa is 21. However, when it comes to AUs, anything is possible. The way I see it, Danny would understand Elsa’s situation a lot more than Jack would. He too has to worry about people labeling him as a freak because of his powers. He tries hard to show he’s a good person and ends up failing sometimes. They certainly have their differences, but I think with given time, Danny and Elsa would see kinship with each other. This is why I really liked Delsa. I know some would find it odd, but I was rather surprised quite a few people actually liked it.

    3)      Pharaoh Atem/Queen Bast – The one pairing that has my OC in it. YGO was the very first thing I ever got into. I of course made an OC, well two: and they were the very first characters I ever made. Yeah, even before Carrie. Thanks to a lot of help from some, I managed to have Bast be her own person. It certainly wasn’t easy mind you. However, Bast has become one of my top favorite OCs of mine. I feel if Atem were to have a wife, I feel like someone as strong and gentle like Bast would fit for him.

    4)      Mericcup – (Hiccup/Merida) Yeah, I know, this pairing is considered pretty popular in itself. Now before anyone goes nuts, I love Hicastrid too. But Mericcup is a great pairing too. I feel Merida and Astrid hold similar qualities. That’s why I feel Hiccup would love Merida as well. He would love her for strong, fire headed personality and so on. Yes I know Merida had made it clear she needs no man. But again, AUs can make anything happen.

    5)      Frost Phantom – (Danny/Jack) Honestly, I feel like this pairing is way more fun than Hijack. I know a lot of people always like to see anything going on with Hiccup and Jack because both are from Dreamworks. But eh…I just see Jack and Hiccup nothing more than just casual friends. Danny and Jack on the other hand would be better friends. I can see them either being best buds or lovers. There are way more fun story ideas with them.


There will probably be more added to the list but for now, that’s it for my top OTPs.


:shrug: Pairings I am Neutral On: :shrug:


    1)      Jelsa – (Jack Frost/Queen Elsa) It leans more towards me hating it, but I don’t mind seeing artwork of it pop up. I see nothing with this pairing other then it’s popular due to the whole ice powers thing. If you guys want to know more why I don’t care for it, I suggest reading this essay: perrytheplatypusgirl.deviantar… It tells why I will never ship it.

    2)      Hiccunzel – (Hiccup/Rapunzel) I will admit, I’m kinda liking it. But I still am neutral with it. I just only see a brother/sister with Hiccup and Rapunzel. Maybe because Hiccup reminds me of my own brother and I’m share a lot of personality with Rapunzel.


That’s all for this list. I will probably add more later.


:rage: Pairings I HATE: :rage:


    1)      Jarida – (Jack/Merida) To be honest, this pairing I really REALLY can’t tolerate. Every time I see ANY picture of it, I want to scream. There is nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING appealing or awesome about this pairing. To be blunt, I feel this pairing is just shipped just about as bad as Jelsa. The whole: “Jack is single, Merida is single let’s pair them up!” Or… “She’s fire, he’s ice! So they are perfect for each other!” I saw Jarida shipper claim Jackunzel is cliché. Just about as bad as Jelsa. Pfft uh no. Jarida is cliché as Jelsa because as I said before, Jarida is shipped just about the same reasons as Jelsa. Jarida fans can tell me how wrong I am, but I stand by what I believe in: Jarida is a horrible HORRIBLE pairing. Sorry, but I’m just stating my opinion. I will forever see Jack and Merida as JUST rivals. Maybe it’s also because I’m not a big fan of Merida but eh…

    2)      Hijack – (Jack/Hiccup)  I will say this, I see nothing between these two. I also feel it’s shipped based just purely because they are the only attractive Dreamworks guys (Except Guy and it surprises me greatly he’s not seen a lot…) and for the sake of yaoi. Again, I can only see these two just being nothing more than casual friends. Not even best buds. :shrug: Maybe that’s me, but yeah this is one pairing I don’t care for and I don’t even like…

    3)      Danny/Sam – Yeah you guys knew this. Read this if for those who don’t know yet……

    4)      Rainbow Snowcone – (Tooth/Jack) Nothing personal but for some reason, I just don’t care for this pairing. I only see Tooth as an aunt for Jack, not a love interest. That’s why I really don’t want a sequel to happen because I heard rumors Tooth and Jack end up together should a sequel happen. Oh please no…

    5)      Helsa – (Hans/Elsa) He tried to kill Elsa. I also heard he hates Elsa. Sorry but no go for me on this pairing.

    6)      Pelsa – (Pitch/Elsa) He’s fear, and Elsa’s greatest enemy is fear. Why oh why would anyone think these two would work out? -_-;


That’s all for now, guys. I may add more later. I just thought update my journal. Again, these are just my opinions. If anyone loves the pairings I hate or hates the pairings I love, terrific. We all have different likes and dislikes. That is all for now.

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I am so tired of seeing Jelsa everywhere... 

91 deviants said I know the feeling. I don't like Jelsa either.
56 deviants said I ship Jelsa but I respect your opinion.
9 deviants said WHAT?! JELSA IS AWESOME!!! (Me:...okay, then stay the hell away from me...)


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