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My Thoughts on How to Train Your Dragon 2

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 21, 2014, 1:19 PM

I thought it was time I post my thoughts on this movie. Now let me just say this is my purely my opinion.


First of all, I know everyone has been hyping about this movie. It’s got the highest ratings in the box office, passing Frozen, and I’m sure 90% of people say it was one of the best films of all time. Everyone I know has been telling me how awesome it was. Saying it’s better than any other Dreamworks movie and even more so then the first one. When I got it on DVD, I of course watched it. And did I think it was awesome as everyone said it was going to be?


Here’s my simple answer: No.


I know. I’m sure a lot of you are really shocked. Now before anyone jumps down my throat, I’m not saying this is a bad movie. No. In fact, I really did enjoy it. It was good. But I have to be really honest here, I think the first one was way better. Not to mention I haven’t seen a movie yet that can top Beauty and the Beast or Rise of the Guardians in my book. Again this is just my opinion. Now what is it about the HTTYD2 that I didn’t enjoy as much as the first? I might as well explain…


First of all, let me point out the things I did really like. I loved Valka, Hiccup’s mother. She’s a really awesome character and I loved the idea Hiccup got his views from her. It would make a lot of sense. I also loved the action. The tender moments were heartwarming and convincing. The death scene with Stoick was handled well and I nearly cried but I didn’t. I also loved how Valka and Stoick’s relationship was picture perfect. And I loved seeing all the dragons. And of course, Toothless being the best out of all the cast. And the relationship between Hiccup and Astrid was adorable. The humor was also good.


But now, I must point out the weaker moments in the movie. In the first, I didn’t see any problems. All the characters were handled well. The sequel however not so much. At least not from what I can see. The whole Snoutlout and Fishlegs fighting over Ruffnut was really…out of nowhere. I guess it’s to show Snoutlout gave up on Astrid but did he really have to go after Ruffnut next? Nothing against Ruffnut. She’s really awesome. I enjoyed her in the first movie. She was kind of like Astrid only gruffer. She was a no nonsense girl who didn’t let her brother get the best of her. But now, in the short time of her appearance, she pretty much became a fangirl to someone who was gonna be a villain for a while but turn good in the end. I thought that was really…weird. To be honest, I felt sad to see that Hiccup’s friends (besides Astrid) were not into the plot so much. They all pretty much became one-sided characters…I know some may argue that’s not the case, but that’s how I see it. In the first, they all were interesting and fun characters that I laughed with. But in the sequel, I was really disappointed.


I have to say that the villain was honestly the biggest boring thing I ever saw. Red Death was way scarier than this guy. Sure, he’s got the ability to control dragons with an alpha. But that kind of thing isn’t exactly explained. How does the alpha dragon even control other dragons? I wish they explained that. Anyway, back to…Drake? I have to say, his character really did nothing for me. He’s supposed to be this crazy, emotionless guy who doesn’t care who he hurts as long as he got what he wanted. But I want to ask, what was his motive? World domination? Why? He hinted that his life was destroyed by dragons. So he decided that controlling dragons would get his revenge? Why hurt people? Again, this guy didn’t make an impression on me. He really was a boring villain. Some would disagree but for me, I just don’t see him all that threatening. The crazy teenager Viking in the TV series is a better villain then him.


Another thing I find kind of a downer is seeing Toothless become the alpha. I know it was to have him be a leader just like Hiccup, but was that necessary? I love Toothless, but for me, I really wish it was Cloudjumper. Then again, it wouldn’t a movie if some other dragon besides Toothless took down the evil alpha to protect Hiccup. Still, I would think it would make an interesting twist. Toothless starts to take down the alpha, and all the other dragons come in and help out. And not one becomes the alpha? I don’t know. I just think Toothless becoming the alpha was going a bit too far.


Now those are my thoughts. You guys feel free to disagree. But I’m just saying that this movie isn’t as good as the first for me. It was still good enough for me to enjoy. I certainly liked it more so than Frozen or Brave. That’s all I have to say. I look forward to seeing Big Hero Six.


Also in other news, sorry for not submitting anything in a while. I’ve been busy doing other things…

  • Mood: Neutral


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My top Crushes:
STAMP-Sonic 015 by NoNamepje Shadow the Hedgehog Stamp by NoNamepje
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Razor Stamp by JAYSMILES23 - Cars 2 McQueen Stamp - by toonartt


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Jack Frost stamp by zodiacgal

Jack Frost- Frostitude Stamp by nannnnn Stamp: Dat Magical Smirk by R-O-K-U-S-H-I Stamp: Going... by R-O-K-U-S-H-I Jack Fan Stamp by shadyGIFs Jack Frost, Stamp by BunnyFromTheHell :thumb340986470:

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